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Quick Pima update

When I went down to Tucson last month to see the Heritage Flight rehearsal – I got down there before any flying started. So I headed over to the Pima Air & Space Museum to see what was new in the last year.

I quickly walked through the hangers and around the grounds, keeping half an eye on the air over Davis-Monthan across the street (so I wouldn’t miss too much of the Heritage flights.

If it was something that had changed since January 2009, the new picture appears on the left – and the old picture on the right. If it was something brand new, there will only be a single picture on the left. Click on any picture to go to my Flickr account for more detail on these and other pictures of these aircraft.

Convair B-36 Peacemaker (head on) B-36 Peacemaker - stripped of paint
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Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson AZ

Soaring over the mountains

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I took a road trip this past weekend down to the Pima Air & Space Museum on the east side of Tucson, AZ this past Saturday. It was my first visit in almost two years, and my first trip with my current camera.

Each time I have gone, I have found something new and surprising, and this trip was no exception. Expect to see the highlights from this trip over the coming days.


A-10’s – latest plane to be ground for cracks

The Boneyard – A-10

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Late Friday the Pentagon announced that a percentage of the A-10’s in service were being grounded after cracks were discovered in the wings.

The cracks were found on A-10’s undergoing inspection at Hill AFB in Utah, and similiar cracks were found in A-10’s based at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona.

Just another sign that our military is being worn out by 5 years of active duty.