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JSF data breach – what will the impact be?

Earlier this week – it came to light that design specifications (computer files) for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)/F-35 Lightning II stored on a Pentagon contractor computer system – had been accessed and downloaded by hackers.

One story says that the contractor’s computers were compromised as early as 2007 – and the hackers continued to access these systems.

The thing about this story – is that it isn’t new. The original allegations that the program’s computers had been compromised was first run almost a year ago in May 2008. The contractor disputed the initial IG’s report with enough vigor that the IG withdrew the report last October.

It seems that Lockheed-Martin and BAE are downplaying the incident by saying that no “classified” data was compromised But if the attackers encrypted the data streams that were being removed – how can anyone be sure what exactly was or was not accessed.

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Red Flag – International participants

Blue Burn

Originally uploaded by F/Depth Photography

For those of you who have burned out watching the Olympics – and don’t want to look at the mess that is the former Soviet republic of Georgian today – take a look at this wonderful picture of an Indian Air Force SU-30 that was taking part in the annual Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB (LV NV).

Aviation Week’s Area blog has an interesting article about the restrictions that the Indian pilots were under during the exercise. And the probable ESM snooping that was going on to evaluate all of the capabilities of this front line fighter.

Rounding out the International participation in Red Flag – were Rafale’s from the French Air Force – and F-15’s from South Korea.