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Pictures from Russian Victory Day parade (earlier this year)

Found on Flickr via the Military Vehicles group.

Would have liked to see more of the SU-34.  Looks like a variant of the Su-27, but if it is replacing the Su-24, it is for mid-long range Air to Ground.


Blackjack’s in Venezuela

Blackjack w. Flanker

Originally uploaded by yuriybrisk

After reports yesterday that Russian ships (based around the nuclear powered battle cruiser “Peter the Great”) would be sailing to Venezuela to conduct joint exercises – comes late word today that two Tu-160 Blackjack bombers (one is pictured w/ a Su-27 Flanker for a size comparison) have already been sent.

They landed earlier after a 13 hr flight (probably from the Kola Penisula).

Congress – can we please order more F-22’s now?