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Pictures from Russian Victory Day parade (earlier this year)

Found on Flickr via the Military Vehicles group.

Would have liked to see more of the SU-34.  Looks like a variant of the Su-27, but if it is replacing the Su-24, it is for mid-long range Air to Ground.


Where’s Ivan flying today?

Buried at the bottom of an Area/AvWeek post about the Russian’s trying to overfly Denmark w/ a pair of Fencer’s (Su-24), was this blurb;

However, the activity has prompted NATO to resume air patrols from Iceland, something that had stopped for several years. In recent months, F-22s, Typhoons and others have been able to get a close-up look at Russian air force aircraft on long-range patrol exercises.

Time to get the parkas back out, and allocate those E-3’s that have been working Northern Command since 9/11 – and send them back to Keflavik.

Have we run out of things for the F-22’s to do yet?  Maybe we should be BUYING MORE!?!?