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Lockheed Martin Jet Month Sale

Its a Friday in the dog days of summer – so sit back and view this YouTube ad for Lockheed Martin’s Jet Month sale.


Raptor tidbits

Empty bay

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Let’s see what’s new with the current Air Force golden child – the F-22 Raptor;

But probably the most interesting piece has been this press release out of Edwards AFB that announced that a team of their personnel had completed the Increment 3.1 upgrade two months early. The Increment 3.1 upgrade included;

With this upgrade complete – does this mean we can really start calling it the F/A-22 now?


JSF data breach – what will the impact be?

Earlier this week – it came to light that design specifications (computer files) for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)/F-35 Lightning II stored on a Pentagon contractor computer system – had been accessed and downloaded by hackers.

One story says that the contractor’s computers were compromised as early as 2007 – and the hackers continued to access these systems.

The thing about this story – is that it isn’t new. The original allegations that the program’s computers had been compromised was first run almost a year ago in May 2008. The contractor disputed the initial IG’s report with enough vigor that the IG withdrew the report last October.

It seems that Lockheed-Martin and BAE are downplaying the incident by saying that no “classified” data was compromised But if the attackers encrypted the data streams that were being removed – how can anyone be sure what exactly was or was not accessed.

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Marine One data exposed by Contractor

Marine One

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It was disclosed this morning that blueprints and specifications of the Presidential Helicopter ‘Marine One’ have been compromised via a File Sharing program on a contractor’s computer.

And that the same data was found on a computer system in Tehran Iran.

The article doesn’t mention if this is the current Marine One, or the new Marine One (which might never go into service due to continuing cost overruns).

Someone will probably lose their job over this (unless they are a VP).

But this is a prime example of why you keep work on one computer and play on another.


Will the Raptop production stop?


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The President has a decision to make by this weekend. Whether or not to start shutting down the production of the F-22 Raptor, or to buy some additional planes.

It is a decisive issue – not just for the military and the government, but also the economy;

  • It is the most expensive fighter plane ($191 million apiece) ever
  • It has no use in the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Service Chiefs want more
  • DOD needs to cut new acquisition programs to fund on-going combat operations
  • Congress supports buying more
  • Allies (Australia and Japan) want to buy it
  • Suppliers or factories for the plane are in 44 of 50 states
  • Estimates are 40,000 people would be affected by shutdown of program

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F-22 Raptor – details coming out

F-22 Raptor

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In an attempt to position additional purchases of the F-22 Raptor as either an ‘economic recovery project‘ or for sales to performance details of the plane have been released by Lockheed-Martin.

  • Radar Cross section – -40 dBsm., the equivalent radar reflection of a steel “marble.”
  • Supercruise – Mach 1.78 rather than Mach 1.5
  • Acceleration – 51 seconds rather than 54 seconds (did not disclose what speed/altitude this performance metric is for)
  • Altitude – non-afterburning/full military – above 50,000 feet (even though reports have the Raptor’s ceiling at 65,000 feet)
  • Radar range – 5% greater than expected (ranges on AESA radar‘s are classified, but is estimated to be above 100 miles)

    In support of potential foreign sales – the Raptor will make its Paris Air Show debut later this year. The Raptor was not sent to Paris in 2007, due to the way that French officials handled a previous visit by the F-117 Nighthawk (routing the F-117 over several French military establishments – so they could conduct electronic intelligence gathering).

    Cross your fingers – maybe we will still have enough Air Superiority fighters in 10 years to control the skies over a battlefield.


[UPDATE] Pima – Mig 29 Fulcrum

The first new exhibit – was a Mig-29 Fulcrum on the fence line (along Valencia Road).

Even though the Mig is in Russian Air Force markings, one of the other photographers on the trip seemed to think that this is one of the former Moldovan Mig-29’s that the US bought back in 1997 (because this version of the Mig-29 – ‘S’ had a built in jammer on the spine, and was capable of being equipped with nuclear stand-off weapons).

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F-35 – unarmed


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“…the JSF is often referred to as a “bomb truck” that will attack ground targets once the skies have been cleared of any enemy fighter threat by dedicated air superiority fighters like the F-22 Raptor and F-15 Eagle.”

I guess the designers really stuck by this logic – especially for the Navy/Marine Corp version of the JSF. Because only the Air Force (CTOL) version will have an internal gun.

[At first I thought it was a trade off between the internal gun and the VTOL system, but even the Marine Corps CTOL version will not have the internal gun]

That seems to be a serious compromise – which I am sure that the pilots will grumble about from the start.

There is a reason that the F-4 Phantom was redesigned to include an internal gun on the ‘E’ model. I guess none of the Lockheed-Martin designers have studied history.


F-35 prototype goes Supersonic for the 1st time


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The much maligned F-35 Lightning prototype broke the sound barrier during a test flight yesterday.

From Ares (AviationWeek’s blog) – – – –

It was AA-1’s second flight of the day and the 69th since its maiden sortie on Dec. 15, 2006. Total flight time is just past the 95-hour mark – not a huge amount, but if anyone is plotting this out, the curve has been reasonably steep in the last few weeks.

LM says AA-1 completed four runs to Mach 1.05 for a total supersonic time of 8 minutes. The aircraft was also carrying a full 5,400 lb. internal load of (inert) weapons.


LCS – out on Builder’s Sea Trials


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Even though some think that the Navy won’t even accept the LCS prototypes into the Fleetinitial Builder’s Trials.

Lockheed is getting w/ the modern age – and has posted a set of publicity photos from the Trials – out on Flickr

BTW – the Israeli’s are interested in buying a variant of the LCS to upgrade their navy. But have already realized that the US designed LCS – doesn’t have nearly enough weapons.


Mystery revealed

F-22 Flying test bed

OK I have to admit that I have been underwhelmed by the response to this post. This is a one of a kind aircraft and while it isn’t quite a ‘black’ project – the fact that it exists indicates how evolutionary this project is.

The challenge was;

  • Whose plane is it?
  • What is used for?
  • What is the original airframe?
  • Where is this plane based?

The answers;

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