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Israel has permission to overfly Saudi Arabia

It is always fun to see what stories are published on a slow summer Friday – that fly completely under the radar.

Take for example this story published by The Times on Saturday – that claims the Israeli’s have Saudi permission to overfly Saudi airspace on the way to attack Iran.

The fact that the story appears no where else – makes you wonder if it was just an early ‘test leak’ to gauge public opinion, or else just put pressure on the Iranian government to comply w/ UN Arms control directives.


Der Spiegel article on Israeli raid on Syrian “site”

A little over two years ago – Israeli jets destroyed a suspicious complex in eastern Syria, that was thought to have ties to a possible nuclear weapons program.

With all of the attention on Iran’s nuclear program – the details of this raid are still few and far between (unlike the Israeli 1981 raid on Iraq’s nuclear reactor).

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” published an article earlier this week attempting to pull together more of the details on the raid, as well as the aftermath. At first glance – it appears to be worth the time to read it.


Red Flag – International participants

Blue Burn

Originally uploaded by F/Depth Photography

For those of you who have burned out watching the Olympics – and don’t want to look at the mess that is the former Soviet republic of Georgian today – take a look at this wonderful picture of an Indian Air Force SU-30 that was taking part in the annual Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB (LV NV).

Aviation Week’s Area blog has an interesting article about the restrictions that the Indian pilots were under during the exercise. And the probable ESM snooping that was going on to evaluate all of the capabilities of this front line fighter.

Rounding out the International participation in Red Flag – were Rafale’s from the French Air Force – and F-15’s from South Korea.