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Raptor tidbits

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Let’s see what’s new with the current Air Force golden child – the F-22 Raptor;

But probably the most interesting piece has been this press release out of Edwards AFB that announced that a team of their personnel had completed the Increment 3.1 upgrade two months early. The Increment 3.1 upgrade included;

With this upgrade complete – does this mean we can really start calling it the F/A-22 now?


Airbus A330 tanker

Airbus A330 MRTT The Airbus A330 MRTT (multi-role tanker-transport) seen here in RAAF markings – being tested before the addition of the air refueling package.

In addition to the Australian order (5 airplanes), Airbus is currently working on these additional orders;

  • UK (RAF) – 14 aircraft (delivery in 2011, as a lease (similiar to the original Boeing 767 proposal to the USAF)
  • UAE – 3 aircraft (MOU signed in 2007)
  • Saudi Arabia – 3 aircraft (MOU signed in 2008)

I will have to hand it to the Airbus engineer’s – for their plane – they used the wing from the A340 (which was designed for 4 engines).  The refueling pods (for the probe and droque system – that everyone BUT the USAF uses) will be attached on the wings were the outboard engines would have gone.