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Lockheed Martin Jet Month Sale

Its a Friday in the dog days of summer – so sit back and view this YouTube ad for Lockheed Martin’s Jet Month sale.


Russian Inflatable Decoys

HERE is a Gallery of pictures of different Russian military hardware decoys.

I like the claim on the 7th slide that says the decoys appear to be real even to thermal or IR sensors.


Air Force shoots down its own Reaper

According to reports over on Ares (Aviation Week’s blog site) – the US Air Force had to shoot down one of their own Reaper’s – after communication/control over the UAV was lost and it was about to leave Afghan airspace.

I wonder whose airspace it was about to violate – when they took it out?


Video – Top Gear U-2 flight

This is a YouTube video of James May (one of the Host/Presenter’s on BBC’s “Top Gear”) taking a flight in a U-2 Trainer up to 60,000 feet.

If you have never seen the BBC program “Top Gear” – I strongly suggest looking for it on your Cable or Satellite schedule (on either BBC or BBC/America).  It is a motoring (car junkie) program with an occasional humorous or off-beat take on things.


What a Sniper feels….

Funny Sniper

Originally uploaded by pablolopez26


Santa’s new ride – for high threat environments

Merry Christmas from all at Threat Axis.

Santas new ride

Santa's new ride (for high threat environments)