Checkpoint: 2011 May

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President. -Theodore Roosevelt


We are talking about citizenship. If one claims to support the president no matter what, then that person must support what Mr. Roosevelt said, right? Okay, that was cheap. Try this one: If one claims to support the president no matter what, then they must vote to re-elect whoever the preseident currently is, right?   Of course not!  Again, we are talking about citizenship. If and when we stop thinking for ourselves, if and when we start blindly supporting the individual serving as President, if and when we start making “no matter what” assertions as citizens, then we fail as a citizenship and a country.  As we already are.


America is not equal to the American President. America is all of us. The people, the land, the policies, the way we as humans treat others not like us. Thinking that America is equal to the American President is mindless ignorance that makes it easy for us to be led around by the media, the politicians, and to ignore the atrocities committed by them. We have become comfortably numb.


The problem is that we all find it far too easy to just blindly follow along with whatever the politicians are doing, and whatever the media tells us, and absolve ourselves of responsibility. Again, as citizens. We as citizens find it easy to ignore the atrocities committed by our politicians in our names. And then we wonder why the world hates us? As citizens, we are responsible for our country and its actions.


We all clearly know how to complain… but what can we do as a people, to change all this?


People love to complain about TSA.  The TSA is not the enemy here, any more than a “well-regulated (military)” is. They are just tools. Rudness to TSA, hatred towards our military is just cruelty to our fellow citizens. They’re just trying to do a job and survive, like the rest of us. The enemy here MIGHT BE our elected politicians, who are clearly more interested in themselves and their power than those they were called to serve. And I certainly detest many of those politicians, and what they are doing. But I believe the real enemy here is our own ignorance and apathy. Quote: “Which is worse, ignorance, or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?” Funny, but true. I believe most of us who can still think for ourselves are trying to fight THAT enemy, and none other, and trying to make our once-great country truly great again. Before it becomes too late.


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