Quick Pima update

When I went down to Tucson last month to see the Heritage Flight rehearsal – I got down there before any flying started. So I headed over to the Pima Air & Space Museum to see what was new in the last year.

I quickly walked through the hangers and around the grounds, keeping half an eye on the air over Davis-Monthan across the street (so I wouldn’t miss too much of the Heritage flights.

If it was something that had changed since January 2009, the new picture appears on the left – and the old picture on the right. If it was something brand new, there will only be a single picture on the left. Click on any picture to go to my Flickr account for more detail on these and other pictures of these aircraft.

Convair B-36 Peacemaker (head on) B-36 Peacemaker - stripped of paint
The Lockheed YO-3 Quiet Star has moved out of Restoration and is now hanging from the ceiling near the Blackbird. It seems to be naturally camouflaged against the ceiling.

It was almost ready to go on display when I last saw it in Restoration.

Lockheed YO-3 Quiet Star Lockheed YO-3A Quiet Star
And also the Snow cropduster is done – parked out on the grounds w/ the cockpit sealed up.
IMG_5044 Snow S-2A Crop Duster
NEW – A German Kreigsmarine (Naval Strike) Tornado IDS has been put out on display;
Panavia Tornada IDS  
NEW – The Restoration area has seen some new arrivals as well. A Mig-23 Flogger is waiting outside to be reassembled and put on display;
Mig-23 Flogger - in part outside of Restoration  
NEW – As well as a MH-53 Pave Low (combat rescue helicopter).
Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low - waiting for Restoration  
I have to get down to Tucson more often. Maybe this fall once work eases off.
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