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US Navy Maritime Patrol enters the Jet Age

US Navy 167953

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While the British have been flying a jet powered maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) in the Nimrod’s for years now – the US Navy has finally started production of their own Jet MPA in the Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

Earlier this spring – the first test planes rolled out of Boeing’s Renton production facility, the same facility that the commercial/passenger carrying 737’s come out of (albeit a different building). The P-8 incorporates the body of the latest 737-800, w/ the wings from the 737-900 (the wings include ‘raked wingtips‘, instead more conventional winglets).

Once the testing of these new planes is completed – they will join an active duty squadron and the Navy’s current MPA – the Lockheed P-3 Orion – will head off to storage at the ‘Boneyard’ / Davis-Monthan AFB (outside of Tucson, AZ).

Where some Orion’s are already sealed up and waiting to be used in the future.

P-3 Orion's in Storage


Video – Top Gear U-2 flight

This is a YouTube video of James May (one of the Host/Presenter’s on BBC’s “Top Gear”) taking a flight in a U-2 Trainer up to 60,000 feet.

If you have never seen the BBC program “Top Gear” – I strongly suggest looking for it on your Cable or Satellite schedule (on either BBC or BBC/America).  It is a motoring (car junkie) program with an occasional humorous or off-beat take on things.