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The Sky is not falling – yet

No matter who wins next week – the defense establishment of the United States will be changing drastically over the next four years.

The economic/credit crisis that has turned into a world-wide economic slump – will make sure that the military will only get the bare minimum’s (I hope) to maintain some sort of effective force.

The West privately laughed when the Russians had to park/dock/mothball/ground most of their once feared armed forces when they went through their own collapse post-Yeltsin.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.

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The last soliders to die in WW1

The BBC has posted an excellent article here about the last soliders to die in World War 1.  These individuals died within moments of the ceasefire and armistice declared that would bring an end to the war, in innocent, non-combat, yet still all-too-fatal situations.  This amazing article is well worth the read and the time to review.


There is much we can learn from history, which is why the work of our historians is so valuable.  In this case, I am struck by the tragic lack of safety experienced by these men who thought that now, certainly, finally, they were safe.  I am also struck by the magnitude of loss that can occur as a result of the decisions made by individuals, whether out of aggression, fear, communications delays or failure, or just plain fatigue.


As we approach the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I, let us remember all those who gave their lives, in combat or perceived safety, for the freedom we enjoy now, and the peace we may yet experience in our lifetimes.  And let us remember those who still fight, with the hope that they may achieve that peace we all seek.  Our hearts and gratitude go with you all.


Pictures from Russian Victory Day parade (earlier this year)

Found on Flickr via the Military Vehicles group.

Would have liked to see more of the SU-34.  Looks like a variant of the Su-27, but if it is replacing the Su-24, it is for mid-long range Air to Ground.


A-10’s – latest plane to be ground for cracks

The Boneyard – A-10

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Late Friday the Pentagon announced that a percentage of the A-10’s in service were being grounded after cracks were discovered in the wings.

The cracks were found on A-10’s undergoing inspection at Hill AFB in Utah, and similiar cracks were found in A-10’s based at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona.

Just another sign that our military is being worn out by 5 years of active duty.


Piracy off of Africa

Two things to mention;

1) Why doesn’t someone just slip a platoon of Marines on a random ship entering the hazard area – and if the pirates bite it will be a short little firefight.  And the world will be short one pirate gang.  There is a reason that the phrase ‘the Shores of Tripoli‘ is in the Marine Hymn.  Maybe it is time to remind some of that fact.

2) Why hasn’t any mainstream media picked up on this mystery Iranian ship that was seized by the pirates – that has caused the pirates that searched the ship to fall ill and die.   Because everyone realizes that the US is in no position to take on any one right now.  A detailed investigation of this ship is a long shot – and in all likelyhood – a Pandora’s box that no one wants to open.  Instead everyone is focusing on a ship full of T-72’s (that the pirates admit – they don’t want).